Gustaf Dalén – the eternal optimist

Gustaf Dalén lät tillverka optimistnålen. Var någon i Daléns närhet negativ eller behövde muntras upp fick de en optimistnål.

Gustaf Dalén was a positive person with an irrepressibly optimistic outlook that accompanied him throughout his life, through ups and downs. His optimistic disposition and strong drive helped him to pursue his goals and gave him the courage to invest in what he believed in. From a relatively humble background, he went on to study engineering, before becoming a business executive and, later, winning a Nobel Prize. He was an inventor and an entrepreneur but, above all,he was an optimist.

In 1912, the same year that he was awarded the Nobel Prize, Dalén lost his sight in both eyes in an accident. In the 1920s, he and AGA were struck with grave financial
difficulties and Dalén lost his fortune, but soon managed to get back on his feet. In the 1930s, in the wake of the Kreuger Crash, AGA went through economic hardship
once again. However, Dalén never allowed himself to become disheartened or lose hope. Instead he had a pin made with the words “THINK POSITIVE” which he gave to friends and business associates who he thought needed encouragement.

Dalén always wore one of these optimistic pins on his jacket and, whenever he met someone who seemed down or pessimistic, he would fasten the pin on to their lapel.

Text: Cecilia Rudengren
Foto: AGA